There are a lot of anti-chafing creams, why should I choose SURPASS?

You should consider choosing SURPASS because it is an all-natural chamois cream that is safe for both men and women, containing no petrolatum, vaseline, or lanolin derived from animals. Moreover, it claims to be superior to other natural remedies, suggesting it may have a unique and effective formula for preventing chafing. These features make SURPASS a compelling option for those seeking a natural and vegan-friendly solution to chafing.

How long will one tube of Chamois Cream last?

It depends on many factors: your body type, how often you ride, etc. But in order to save cream, we recommend applying the cream directly to the skin and not to the insert.

Does SURPASS anti-chafing cream contain Vaseline?

No, our cream does not contain petrolatum or vaseline. It contains only natural origin ingredients.

Do you test any of your products on animals?

No, our products are not tested on animals.