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Why Cyclists Use SURPASS Warm-Up Balm in Spring and Summer

Why Cyclists Use SURPASS Warm-Up Balm in Spring and Summer

Despite warm weather, many cyclists continue to use SURPASS Warm-Up balm during spring and summer months, primarily due to its effective pre-start activation properties. The main ingredient, HotFlux, plays a crucial role by causing vasodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels. This process allows for increased blood flow to the applied areas, crucial for muscle performance and endurance.

Enhanced blood circulation ensures muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients, which is vital during intense physical activity such as cycling. It also aids in faster removal of waste products like lactic acid, reducing fatigue and soreness. This makes the balm an essential part of a cyclist’s routine, as it helps to warm up the muscles and increases blood flow even before the exercise begins, minimizing injury risk and shortening necessary warm-up time.

The warmth provided by the balm also helps maintain optimal muscle temperature, aiding performance and flexibility across varying summer temperatures. Therefore, even in hotter months, SURPASS Warm-Up balm is a strategic tool for cyclists aiming to enhance muscle readiness and performance.

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